Othelloline - Fixed Framed Range

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The Othelloline Amleto screens are a range of 16:9 or 2:35:1 (Cinemascope) ratio fixed frame screens.  With the stylish, rounded Amleto frame these screens are perfect for permanent home theatre rooms.

These screens use the Diamond front projection material with a gain of 1.4 and has been specifically designed for framed screens.  The material is elasticated allowing it to stretch to the frame maintaining a tensioned, wrinkle free, flat screen surface.  Other options available include Rear Projection material and Micro Perforated.

The screens come flat packed but takes just minutes to erect.  They are supplied with fixing brackets.

Larger sizes upto 10m are available from the BIG FRAME range.  Please call for details.


  • Stylish rounded Amleto frame with black aluminium or black velvet finish.
  • Invisible fixing brackets.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Diamond Material:

    • A PVC, grey backed material with a gain of 1.4 designed specifically for Framed screens.
    • The Diamond material is "elasticated" allowing it to stretch to the frame maintaining a tensioned, flat screen surface.
  • Also available upon request with rear projection or micro-perforated material - Please call for details.
  • Even larger framed screens upto 10m wide available - Please call for details.

Download Fabric Detail PDF


PartcodeSize (Actual Viewing Area)RatioCase ColourCase Width
SC-F5-169-V5ft wide (152cm x 86cm)16:9Black Velvet-
SC-F5-169-B5ft wide (152cm x 86cm)16:9Black-
SC-F6-169-V6ft wide (183cm x 103cm)16:9Black Velvet-
SC-F6-169-B6ft wide (183cm x 103cm)16:9Black-
SC-F7-169-V7ft wide (213cm x 120cm)16:9Black Velvet-
SC-F7-169-B7ft wide (213cm x 120cm)16:9Black-
SC-F8-169-V8ft wide (250cm x 140cm)16:9Black Velvet-
SC-F8-169-B8ft wide (250cm x 140cm)16:9Black-
SC-F9-169-V9ft wide (270cm x 152cm)16:9Black Velvet-
SC-F9-169-B9ft wide (270cm x 152cm)16:9Black-
SC-F10-169-V10ft wide (300cm x 169cm)16:9Black Velvet-
SC-F10-169-B10ft wide (300cm x 169cm)16:9Black-


PartcodeSize (Actual Viewing Area)RatioCase ColourCase Width
SC-F5-235-V5ft wide (152cm x 65cm)2.35:1Black Velvet-
SC-F6-235-V6ft wide (183cm x 78cm)2.35:1Black Velvet-
SC-F7-235-V7ft wide (213cm x 91cm)2.35:1Black Velvet-
SC-F8-235-V8ft wide (250cm x 107cm)2.35:1Black Velvet-
SC-F9-235-V9ft wide (270cm x 116cm)2.35:1Black Velvet-
SC-F10-235-V10ft wide (300cm x 129cm)2.35:1Black Velvet-